Ancient proverb is saying that people have four core values: life, health, ability and luck.
The main thing for human is life itself - long enough to be able to achieve their goals and mission. Second in importance is considered health, because without it life could be reduced or interrupted. When there is health, a person can develop the third thing - their ability to implement the plans, understand the truth and gain wealth. For the implementation of the plans and the acquisition of well-being necessary favorable conditions - good luck, fortune. Thus, health is the key to a successful life, wealth, happiness and spiritual fulfillment.
Success, wealth, and happiness require the presence of both: external conditions - fortune and internal - energy and power as a consequence of health. Therefore, the maintenance, restoration and promotion of health are priorities in Kiaido system.
A feature and advantage of the approach to health in Kiaido is the use of methods that can quickly and efficiently recover energy. This was a vital knowledge for a warrior in the past, and it is a precious and rich resource in the present.

Methods of internal schools of martial arts always include a method of healing and increase of vitality. Today, these methods are available not only to adepts of martial arts, but also to all who have an interest, necessity or the need for maintaining and increasing the level of energy, as well as those who want to recover from injuries, who have accumulated chronic pain or illnesses that difficult to treat.
Warrior had to deal with a full range of health problems related to fatigue, injury, joints problems, digestion, cold and so on. Therefore, practice of internal martial arts has a long range of different methods of self-healing and self-restoration. These methods can help in restoring or improving the condition of the body in a variety of health disorders. These techniques may also become essential complement to the treatments that are prescribed by a physician.

Here are some techniques that may interest you.

  1. General health (8 Foundations)
  2. Joints - rehabilitation, restoration and strengthening
  3. Spine
  4. Functional systems
  5. Stress reduction
  6. Rejuvenation