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Grand Master Song T. Park, Founder (Soke) of Kiaido and Kiaido Worldwide, Professor of diagnostic and rehabilitation medicine (from Center “Integrative Medicine” of Scientific Surgery Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), is one of the modern leaders and innovators in both martial and healing arts. He is known in many countries thanks to seminars and workshops, books, videos, published articles and appearance on radio and television. Currently he is authoring series of books, videos, training programs and inventions. Grand Master Song T. Park teaches martial and healing arts in 14 countries, including USA, Russia, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany. He is one of the leading master instructors of the world wide known Dillman Karate International.

One of area of his expertise is the Non Violent Aggression Control training. He co-authored and published the book “Non-violent responce to the aggression”. This program aids to handling aggressive situations in an escalation stage. Gesture, sound and verbal command can be used as a tool of de-escalating situations. When a person is confronted with an actual assault situation, he should be able to handle it on physical level. Being aware that it is not possible for everybody to have all the necessary training in martial arts, professor Song T. Park has developed and co-founded the “One Move Self-Defense System™” with Professor T. A. Frazer, the founder of Jodoryu International. This system allows anyone to learn real self-defense in a most shortest possible time. The program includes mind training, common self-defense situations and ways of handling them by escaping, controlling or knocking out an aggressor.

One of his main passions and goals is a development of a system that allows anybody to become a top level warrior-healer. For those who seek perfection, real knowledge there potential and the highest skills in both martial and healing arts there is a full program that gives infinite possibilities for personal development and realization. After about 40 years of martial arts training, along with Oriental healing systems, Professor Song T. Park created his style of Kiaido, which integrates and unifies both sides of martial arts and healing within a complete system: Kiai Do, Kiai Budo and Kiai Qigong. Fighting Method – Kiai Do - is a martial art style that incorporates well-rounded self-defense grappling and striking skills, optimized movement principles, deadly knowledge of pressure points and unique ways of using sounds to potentiate both offensive and defensive moves. Kiai Budo is a martial art, which utilizes weapons, in accordance with 5 Elements, as well as advanced methods of movements and energy work. Within Kiai Budo principles of Kiai Jitsu presented through applications of breathing and sound, interactive weapon forms and specific methods of speed and power development. Healing Method – Kiai Qigong – is a healing practice, that combines movement and breathing exercises, massage and self-massage techniques with applications of elemental sounds to alleviate both physical and psycho-emotional condition.

Professor Song T. Park has studied and researched movement principles for over 25 years, trying to define the best, most powerful, efficient and harmonious ways of moving. This resulted in the 8 Movement Principles system that had helped many top athletes (including martial artists), musicians, actors, people from all walks of there lives to go beyond their expectations. These movement principles are fundamental to both martial arts and healing arts on all levels. It is impossible to learn all movements, but it is possible to learn the best movement principles. Whether one wants to learn fighting or dancing, one has to learn how to move one’s body in best possible and most efficient way. Extensive research of different methods of different methods and systems of using voice, sounds and breathing, Oriental Medicine, Yoga and Qi Gong, enabled Professor Song T. Park to present his theory behind the use of sound and to successfully apply it in both healing and martial arts. Currently Professor Song T. Park has released several books and videos that cover every aspect of his theory and method of utilizing voice to control and govern vital energy. “Kiai Jitsu Sound Theory”, “The Power of Outer Kiai”, “The Power of Inner Kiai” and “The Power of Secret Kiai”, “8 Foundations of Kiai Qi Gong” - these books are the most clear and comprehensive guide to studying Kiai Jitsu. There are many DVD titles that present video instructions on Kiai Jitsu, Kyusho Jitsu, natural healing and more.

Being creative from the childhood, excelling in both sciences and arts, Professor Song T. Park has contributed to modern day science and technology, as well as Oriental medicine, by inventing new state of the arts systems that can be considered revolutionary in field of energy medicine. More: His first invention (US patented) is a Computer Based Pulse Diagnostic System that can read and interpret pulse waves in accordance with Oriental Medicine. This invention is used widely in Russia and other European countries. His second invention (US patented) is a sound based healing device that projects articulated vibrations into biologically active points and zones of the body. One of the variations of this invention in form of a sound healing belt is currently sold in USA and Europe. His third invention (US patented) brings music and sound of the voice to the body levels of frequencies by modulating vibrations of massage vibrators with sounds of user’s choice. You can enjoy a harmonious and musically sound massage instead of the usual monotonous buzz of existing massagers…

Professor Song T. Park bases his approach to teaching on the model of interdependence of all phenomena that manifest through our three main dimensions: body, energy and mind. He believes that in order to realize our full potential we have to study, develop and evolve in all three dimensions. Kiaido program has a full range of methods from the simplest to the most advance in all three fields of study. One can not seriously claim to be warrior-healer without studying and training these aspects of one’s own inner being. The knowledge of body leads to health. The knowledge of energy leads to happiness. The knowledge of mind leads to freedom. “Happy, Healthy, Free!” is the goal and result of Kiaido training.