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Kiaido - the path to self-realization.

Man is born with great potential. It is not by chance said: "Created in the image and likeness of God.". Sadly, the majority live unaware of their latent treasure and richness, and consequently die without having realised their full potential. It is exactly for this reason that Socrates called man to “know thyself”. To be born a human and to be a human are not the same thing. We must first become a human – in the full sense of the word and its meaning. Unquestionably, man is endowed with a vast range of resources: stupendous reserve of brain cells and brain power, huge stock of body movement possibilities, endless possibilities to control breathing, to improve creative thinking, to master the voice. However, for those whose consciousness has not awakened and matured sufficiently towards the discovery and development of one’s resources and innate possibilities, the vast storehouse of treasures is left without demand.

The perpetual, engrossing involvement in the process of survival and prosperity in the collective space of society captures so much attention and energy, that no time or energy left for self-awareness, without which self-knowledge becomes impossible. As a result, most of the human abilities and capacities remains latent, unseen and unrealised. The inner potential remains untapped, unused and generates profound dissatisfaction that cannot be compensated by any external acquisitions or success.

Our main source of wealth and inner satisfaction does not depend on external achievements or recognition. They are actualized through self-awareness, self-discovery and self-development. Unrealised potential creates internal stress, impoverishes life and deprives the inner peace. Life becomes a pursuit of illusory happiness, struggle for survival and endless self-affirmation. The transitory nature of any successes and achievements does not provide stability, but requires commitment and takes our best resources. Life, health, capacity - are all absorbed by short-term business, not bringing us closer to self-actualization, and vice versa - distracting and moving away from it. The man identifies himself with on-going projects, temporary status, the property, while remaining asleep to one’s own unique personality. The fragmentation of the individual becomes everyday reality, a tiny fraction of the life itself has become the norm. Ambition and conceit of man are growing rapidly, while the real ability and capacity corresponding to the original potential do not grow and decline.

Kiaido is the possibility of a different life. A path to the knowledge of own potential, to the attainment of integrity and inner wealth based on self-discovery and self-realisation. However this is not an escape from external reality, not a substitution for activity by self-absorption, and not a rejection of society. It is an expansion of consciousness encompassing both the recognition for self-assessment and self-discovery as necessary means for attaining a maximal satisfaction with life, in addition to inner peace which comes about due to liberation of tension related to unrealised personal potential. The disclosure of internal capacity, display and development of one's abilities and possession of knowledge increases their capacity to achieve the results of the external, without loss and detriment to the internal wealth.