Luca Griguolo

I'm Luca from Italy
Generally I don’t use comment so much the events in which I participate, who knows me knows that I'm a rather reserved, but this time I want to thank publicly who have made this event managed in the best way.
Maybe I'll be a bit 'long but I don’t want to forget anyone.
First of all I want to thank Master Mario Spillere, without him none of this would be possible, his desire to learn more, his ability to put himself still under discussion, the feeling of never be arrived, is commendable and extremely rare in this environment, in my humble opinion this is what makes him a true Master, this is it that after 20 years still pushes me to continue, despite all the difficulties that life everyday poses in front of me, and of course, the now strong friendship that binds me to him and to "elders" of the group.
Then of course a huge "thank you" goes to the Grand Master Song Tcher Park.
Were six days of intense but rewarding work, it's amazing how every time Master Park manages to make us grow in the path, the same path that he is still going along.
He is always ready to give everything, without hiding behind secret or evasive answers, happy to give everyone a full and detailed answer, whatever question, the most banal to the most complex.
I feared that the fact of not being able to meet for almost two years had created some "friction" between us, that after 12 years the relationship with the group was a bit ' "off", instead it was all natural, simple as if it had passed a few months.
The technical knowledge acquired from Master Park on a lifetime of study on the first impact can be scary, but his way of teaching and communicating, drives you to want to learn and acquire every day more and more, the work is hard and complex, but the result that you get, once assimilated the teaching, repays all the effort.
This seminar besides the main purpose to work on Kiaido, had a beautiful side-effect:
Renew the friendship with old friends with whom you could not see for years, and make new ones, it was great to meet up again with Jan Bron from Holland and get to know his student Patrick, and then review Peter Novak Canič from Slovenia, and our friend Maurizio Pucci from Viareggio, and Paolo Passaretta from Roma, and then all the other seminar participants, old and new, near and far, thanks to all, it was great to share with you these moments of "work" but also moments of leisure, because i am firmly convinced that to have worked well on the mat is reflected when his foot out of the same, in moments of conviviality and in being together.
Thanks also to the parents and pupils and friends of Accademia Fudoushin who took part in Wednesday and Monday stage, I hope you enjoyed what you have learned, and if you are interested to know more about, you know you can always ask to Master Mario or at the instructors for any request regarding the Kiaido.
So thank you again to all, I hope that all this will continue for many other meetings, and for many more years.
Luca Griguolo